Here's the "sign" I have been looking for!

So do any of you out there believe in 'sign's or that 'everything happens for a reason'? Well, I do! I am always looking for that indication that I'm making the right choice or that whatever has happened truly has a meaning.

For the past 10 years Ronnie has gone to the 'kick-off' of the Nascar season being the DAYTONA 500! He has always been gone on Valentine's Day but that's ok :) In 2006 I left the children home and went with him, 2007 we took the kids and spent a few days in Disney, 2008 I stayed home then 2009 we took Chase so as you can see, it's been a rollercoaster as to who goes, etc. Last March we made reservations at the Speedway KOA and renewed the package of tickets for this year, not really knowing for sure what the year would bring since Chase started Middle School. So, here we are. One of our children (not gonna mention a name lol) is struggling in school and adapting to middle school so for the past three months we have been working closely with the school to help him work through his struggles of adjusting to 7 classes, potentially homework for 5 classes and bringing home everything he needs in order for us to help him. We have been trying to make a decision as to what the impact would be if we take him out of school for five days (notice I say him). In years past, it seems like weather has kept them out of school a lot during this week so it's always a chance we take. Regardless, we have been waffling and not sure what decision to make. The deadline to cancel our reservations is tomorrow....so when I got home tonight and saw this sign, I knew all was good and we will be Daytona bound in 22 days; YIPPEE! Who knows if we're making the right decision but the important thing is that a DECISION HAS BEEN MADE!!

We are all excited but haven't yet told Chase so it's our secret for now, right?! :)

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