What have we been doing you ask?

And more importantly, where have I been...too funny! I apologize to that 'certain someone' that relies on my blog to keep updated with our family happenings :) I'll certainly try to do better!

But, here's what we've been up to - Friday is a bit of a blur. I didn't go to work but didn't get anything done around here either. Ronnie worked 'out of town' both Friday and Saturday so our typically Friday night was all but typical. Probably for the best since I didn't feel that great.

Saturday - well that was a different story. Chase and Cierra decided they needed to go shopping to 1)get boots that Chase had saved his Christmas money for and 2)for Cierra to get spring/summer clothes for our Florida trip in less than two weeks (did I really say that?). Cierra has lost weight so none of her 'old' clothes fit her. The good thing is that now we can wear the same size so in some cases it is pretty nice.

Chase on the other hand is growing taller but not thicker.....so his jeans are getting short - well fear not, he has figured out that he now fits into AE and Aero jeans. Wow, no more kids jeans for him. Needless to say when we got home I didn't hear a peep out of them for a few hours as they sorted out the old an were 'in with the new'!

We also picked up a photo book that I put together for Kayden's first birthday. It was really cute. I decided on Ritz versus Snapfish or Shutterfly because I really like being able to use my own pictures as the background page and adjust pictures my own way instead of using a template. Because I didn't get it finished in enough time I opted for the 1-hour book. Believe it or not, it is actually pretty good. The guys at Ritz know me pretty well (not a surprise, right?) so told me they ended up printing it a few times the night before just to get it right. So, if you're ever in a hurry check out Ritz - you won't be sorry!

And what about Sunday?! That was the big day - it was a party for a princess! Kayden enjoyed her party but was a little hesitant about putting her hands in the cake. Mommy got her a small one and at one point she thought about picking the whole cake up but 'thought not' after realizing it would be all over her hands. She is actually pretty particular about getting stuff on her hands :) It was a great party hosted by none other than Aunt Britt. Kayden's Mommy and Daddy made her birthday a perfect party!

Here's a few pictures from the party - she loved this dog! Not only does it have a button to push but it sings and it's ears flop up and down!
Any doubt Kayden taking a few steps to Daddy was the center of attention?Cake or cheetos anyone?Mommy was all smiles, too!

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  1. Oh my gosh, love the cake or cheetos pic! So cute!