Thursday's Thoughts -

I'm always thinking...sometimes it drives Ronnie crazy because I am always full of ideas about what we can do next at home, where we can go and even things I think we should buy, ha! I'm always looking ahead instead of 'living in the moment'. Since the beginning of this year I have been really focusing on some of my New Year's resolutions.

I teach the Tweens in Transition Sunday School class and I'll be honest, it's challenging to keep their attention and keep it interesting. They are actually teens now which adds to the mix. I am not the best educator when it comes to learning about the bible but do the best I can with the literature and tools provided. I have always wanted to read the Bible but it has really hard words, isn't very interesting and has so many people with really odd names that I can't keep up. As I was trying to come up with a plan for the class, I stumbled upon a web-site that talks about reading the bible in a year and actually in language that can be understood. Yay, right? I did more research and decided I wanted to try this myself and even challenge the class to participate.

After reading through the information it may take us a little longer but I'm still excited. Each day (or as often as they want to read) scripture is read from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. This in itself keeps it interesting. Last night I picked up the books and started this challenge myself. I think it may be a little easier for me since I read every day already. Regardless, I'm excited about the challenge for our teens which could start on Sunday. Who knows, they may even ask the congregation to share in the challenge.

If anyone has other ideas or has found a better way to conquer this task, feel free to let me know!

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