I can dream we're there.....

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, Ronnie has been working on restoring our salt water tank. Everything is set-up now we are just waiting for it to cycle. It is beautiful! Yesterday he picked up three hermit crabs that have worked hard all day. The pictures came for the back and they have been installed! Now we can look at the tank and dream we're on St. John swimming and snorkeling in those exact waters! Hopefully tomorrow we can add a "nemo" then grow from there.


  1. Will you make sure you dream that I'm there too!

  2. Have you added a little Nemo yet? I wish I could travel to St. Martin right now :) BUT, I do get to go to Cabo next month, so that will do for now!

    Love your blog lady -- and even better, it is so fancy!!!