Muffins for HAITI!

A few months ago Cierra held bake sales after church in an effort to raise money for Autism and UNICEF. Four Saturday evenings were spent mixing, baking and filling up her basket to be carried to church and sold to the many people in the congregation that support her. She raised $176 which was going to be distributed to Beading Against Autism and UNICEF. We had been awaiting the final word and information in order to send off the funds and then the Haiti earthquake hit. Wow. Cierra has been disturbed by the event and even knows a girl from her school that lost some family members. So sad.

Isn't it ironic that it took longer than anticipated to get the information to send the money she raised? Is it also 'perfect timing' that I received an e:mail today from our bishop providing information in the event any of us choose to donate to the efforts underway for Haiti? So what must Cierra do but open up her blue pouch filled with dollar bills and send the money she made to Haiti... I'm sure the congregation will be happy to know that the funds raised were 'well spent'. Nice job Cierra!


  1. What a wonderful thing for her to do!

  2. That is so neat that she decided to do that!