Hot Chocolate...Yum

As I am going through some of the pictures I took during the holiday season, I stumbled upon this one. December was colder than normal and we had more snow that we typically have which meant more time inside (shew that's alot of mores). Everyone in our house loves hot chocolate, so many cups were enjoyed throughout the month. It is so easy to make with the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion machine. My sister got me hooked on this a few years ago and we liked it so much we bought a second one for our motorhome just in case we have any 'cold' nights while we're away. I love being able to buy the LARGE can of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix at Walmart. I haven't found a better cup yet, ha!


  1. I want one of those! My honey drinks his coffee, and I drink my hot chocolate.

  2. Nothing is better than a yummy cup of hot chocolate or apple cider!! I will have to check out that Mr. Coffee Cocomotion machine!!