A Special Christmas Day!

Our tradition has always been to open presents at home then go "over the creek and through the woods" to Grandma and Butch's. The kids look forward to that each Christmas and this one was no exception. Around 8 or so we headed over the bridge. It's always fun to have them open their presents first since through the years they have always made Christmas special for all of us. I think Butch liked his rag quilt - one of the pictures is of his Father with Jeremy....I tried to pick pictures that had some meaning....Kayden loves Mickey Mouse and Grandma got the perfect gift! She was mesmerized ....he dances and sings :) Breakfast was served then we headed back across the bridge to get ready for our next adventure...typically we don't do anything on Christmas Day 'afternoon' but this year it was pretty special. The Boy Scouts decided to take Christmas cards and 'pine' trees to the hospital.
Due to health concerns, they were only permitted to visit ICU and the 2nd floor which was the surgical floor. There were eleven patients including one young child. It was great to see our boys (and Cierra) take time out of their Christmas day to visit those that were spending Christmas in the hospital.Next stop was to see Ms. Ruthie. She has been helping take care of Ma for the past 2 plus years. She had a knee replacement which landed her in the Shenandoah Center which is a rehabilitation /nursing home. Ma really misses her (as do the rest of our family) so we decided to stop in and see her on Christmas day. Luckily for her, her bed was empty! Her daughter had come and taken her out for the afternoon. Yay!Our final destination for the day was to see Ma. She likes to be warm so it's usually really hot in her house; thus the rag quilt. She liked it and we explained that we tried to use all green material since that's her favorite color. We expected her to wrap up in it but she had other plans. She wanted to put it on her bed. So.....Mom took it back and placed it on her bed and as of now, that's where it has stayed :)We wrapped up the day by having all the kids there again to open their presents - it was a great Christmas day!

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  1. What a wonderful thing for the boy scouts to do! I absolutely love that rag quilt! Beautiful! I'm glad you had a great Christmas.