Christmas Week kick-off!

Wow, it's here...and while it may be in the 20's outside, it is 82 degrees inside.
Shew...it's hot. I worked from home today (7 hour conference call) since I couldn't make it to Minneapolis for my last trip of the year. I kept the fire going all day (I thought it was a good idea). And...you all know how much I love to have candles burning. Then to add to the heat, J needed baked mac'n'cheese for a bowling banquet so my kitchen oven was fired up much earlier than normal. Needless to say, it was pretty toasty in the house.

A couple of 'new' things happened at Crockett's corner...first - Ronnie fried oysters. I have never been a fan (something about the slime) but every chance he gets, he will grab an oyster sandwich. Dad picked up a quart for him so we googled the batter and set off to deep fry some oysters. There were plenty so anyone want to guess what he's having for breakfast in the morning, lol?!

Jagermeister is something we haven't tried but Ronnie loves that song the Zack Brown band sings "Toes" where he references pouring a Jager and playing his guitar thus we were on a mission to find this! Yay, we did....and here you have it!

He had a bet going with a friend (LC) that he wouldn't like it but he did! He says it tastes like black licorice. Me, I just stuck with wine...so my friends, any wonder why it was 82 degrees in our kitchen?!
Tomorrow is another busy day - Chase and Cierra both have dentist appointments at 8:30 a.m. then off to work. Scouts at night then whatever else we get in to! Got my evites out for Christmas Eve so I think we're 'good to go'. Good night my blogger friends.


  1. An oyster sandwich?? Yuck! Now you guys can start doing yager bombs!!

  2. Oh my, that's funny! Is that Red Bull and Yager - now that's a combination!