The gift exchange -

After church everyone came to the house for dinner. Britt and Brandon didn't make it to church but were able to fit dinner into their schedule. We enjoyed tacos, taco bake and chips with queso. It was a nice change and I even fixed Ashley Paula Deen's chicken quesadilla! It was getting a little late for Kayden since her bedtime is usually about this time so we let her open her first Christmas present -
Uncle Chase put her horse together and convinced us 'they always send extra screws' until the handle bar fell out when she tried to ride it, LOL!
Then we had the gift exchange among the kids. Keep in mind this is the first year they exchanged names. It was great and they have already planned to do it next year. I think they all knew who had who but it was still fun. The kids were good to us too! We received (much appreciated) gift certificates to eat at "Always Ron's" and Longhorn. We also received a bottle of wine (Skipjack at that) and some wine glasses that say "Gigi's Juice" and "Poppy's Juice". I kinda like having 'grown up' kids, ha!

We wrapped up with a 'touching' moment. You may recall me mentioning something Chase and Cierra were working on. Well...here's the scoop. They each received a gift however their older brother and sister didn't. Because they are now old enough to understand how this makes J and Britt feel, they decided to put their gifts together and divide by four. Cierra was the spokesman and explained what they received, what they did as well as some additional emotions. They presented J and Ash with an envelope and one for Britt and Brandon. Both couples were touched by the effort. J is typically emotionless :) however from what I could see, he was surprised, touched and grateful for what they did. He even told them they didn't have to do that but of course they would not hear of that. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? Isn't it more precious to give than to receive?! It was nice to see the two young ones show how much their older brother and sister really mean to them.

Here's some pictures from the evening....enjoy!

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