Thursday's Thoughts!

An evening of Christmas shopping with the kids and we didn't even leave our kitchen! How about that?! We had a great time - no lines, parking spots to find or bags to carry just two laptops and four cell phones worked just great! Seriously, what did we really do before laptops?! I made some serious progress with my Christmas list and had help from Chase and Cierra. Ashley and Britt even worked with us via text messages :)

Ronnie helped out with dinner and even squeezed in finishing up the turkey salad with our leftovers from last Thursday!
Another tradition that I neglected to include in Kelly's post was Chase's LEGO Advent calendar. This is his 2nd year and even though he's 11 now, he still loves putting together the 'daily' piece that will result in 24 days in LEGO land!

Meanwhile, Cierra is so 'not' into LEGOS....she likes to just watch :)

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  1. I'm one of those that don't quite trust internet shopping yet. I think I would miss going out shopping anyway. Except for the long lines, pushing and shoving, and not being able to find what I want! Other than that...I love shopping! :) Your making me want to put a music playlist on my blog! Just for CHRISTmas, though!