Inside the SNOW globe!

That's what it feels like. When we went to bed last night it had just started so I snapped this picture. It was starting to blow around on the porch...honestly it felt like 'a BIG one'. I woke up around 4:15 and it was very 'light' out and quiet.....everything was very still. I peeked out and it was still snowing and even blowing a little. We got out of bed around 8:30 and the scene from last night looked like this..The back looked like this
And now - looks like the snow globe is still being shaken (let me also say "with no end in sight") It is beautiful out there.
The bad news is Ronnie and Chase had to go plow and shovel to make sure all the apartments/townhouse residents can get out and are safe while Cierra and I are nice and warm inside with the candles burning...trying to decide what we want to get into.

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