Parade Day - Chilly but beautiful!

The Charles Town parade never worked out for us (it's a long story) but we were invited to the Harpers Ferry parade so Ronnie took them up on the offer! There's not a cloud in the sky but Christmas is definitely in the air.

Chase is riding in his runner up Super Stock Champion Soap Box Derby car along side Nick Falso who was this year's Super Stock Champion. Nick's sister Grace was also onboard. She was the runner up in the Stock class this year. Ryan Cole and his dad, Frank were participants as well. Susan (Ryan's Mom) was inside the truck with us where it was nice a toasty. The Cole family does a lot of work 'behind the scenes' all year long to help prepare for the Spring race. 2010 will be the the 6th year for the Ray Miller Soap Box Derby. This event continues to grow within our community. This will also be the 3rd year for Chick-fil-a sponsoring the race. It was pretty funny today to see the crowd so excited about Chick-fil-a! Many times I think they actually thought it was a 'EAT MORE CHIKIN' float instead of promoting the local Soap Box Derby race, LOL.

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