Kelly's Korner - Cookies for Santa?!

It's all about the cookies this week! I don't like to bake until about two weeks before Christmas so this is really cutting it close, ha! But, here are some of the 'traditional' cookies that are made around here.

Sugar Cookies - right out of the Paula Deen Christmas magazine! This recipe makes a lot of cookies.

These are just like Reese cups - again, stole from Paula Deen!
The famous Pampered Chef Oreo Truffles -
one pkg oreo cookies (chopped up)
8 oz soften cream cheese
Stir together then scoop small balls onto sheet
refrigerate for an hour
dip in melted chocolate
place on wax paper until set

And everyone knows what these are, right?

We tend to get little plates like the Snowmen from The Pampered Chef or Longaberger and wrap up some cookies for the Sunday School teachers and other people who enjoy fresh baked cookies. You can never go wrong with cookies, right?

I enjoyed spending 'quality' time with the kids baking cookies - just think next year we'll have another little helper :)

I do have one batch I haven't made yet, they're still in the refrigerator but shew....we have baked a lot of cookies so far! Every so often I'll try something new but it does get pretty hectic so for the most part, this family is happy with whatever gets baked.


  1. Yum! Yum! Yum! Whats the secret for keeping the sugar cookies soft? I haven't seemed to figure it out!

  2. I love oreo truffles. They are OH SO YUMMY!