We don't even think about it...

when it comes to helping out the children's 4H Club. Whenever something needs to be done or help is needed, we just do it whenever we can and enjoy doing so. But tonight we realized that it does matter. The Club recognized Ronnie and I as active volunteers with the Country Clovers! We were completely shocked as we sat back in our seats waiting for the name(s) to be read. Suddenly they said our names....I handed off my camera to Megan (whispering no pictures) and we headed to the stage. Thanks Mrs. Clara and the rest of the gang! We'll continue to do our best and help out whenever we can.

We also can't forget that Mrs. Clara received her 20 year pin! Wow, she had to be really, really young when she started!! She did NOT want a big deal to be made about this milestone so don't tell anyone, lol!

Of course lil' miss Cierra couldn't miss an opportunity to use my camera :)
Both Cierra and Chase received pins for their projects and many others were recognized. It's amazing to hear about the number of families and individuals it takes to keep our 4H program alive. I know we are certainly happy to see it grow since we believe it contributes to the character of our children so much.

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