Thanks givin’ To My Wife

I may be stepping over my boundaries, but that’s nothing unusual for me, so here it goes. Anyone that knows me knows that I let you know up front and honestly how I feel. Now it’s time to touch on a subject that usually escapes the conversation in many households these days… the importance of the wife in our life. Speaking for myself, my wife is my best friend, my lover, the best mom to 4 children (5 counting you Ash), and doing a wonderful justice to the newly coined phrase in our house, “GiGi”. Making sure all are treated equally and being involved and supportive is always at the forefront of her mind. She strives to capture the moments that they will one day cherish, whether it be in her still photos on paper, on video, or on the blog which you are reading now. Anyone (who truly knows her) knows that she blogs to archive the now for the later for those who are the nearest to her heart, her children and grandchild. She wears many hats and never fails at anything she does. She is our Thanksgiving and why I wrote this. There’s nobody else, no other role in the world, where a person sacrifices so much for others. So, on this 19th Thanksgiving we’ve spent together I say “Thank you Lord above for blessing me with such a wonderful wife for whom I’m so thankful." Have a great day, Bev!




  1. What a lovely post. How special to be remembered by your husband.