A GREAT food drive!

Thanks to all our Jefferson County Supporters for helping us bring in over 14,000 lbs of food yesterday! Wow...it's a tough time for everyone right now but this was a great success! We started out just past 9:00 a.m. and stopped at a variety of homes that Chase left door hangers.....we only had one small snagJust kidding!! But wouldn't you be nervous if this is what greeted you?

Traditionally Cierra has always donated money and gone with us to purchase her food prior to the drop off. This morning she was 'goat' gear shopping with Butch and unable to attend so Chase and Ronnie took her money along with our donation, grabbed a cart and loaded some canned goods.

Selling Trails End popcorn is the main fundraiser for Cub/Boy Scouts each year in the Fall. The boys have the option of getting prizes or taking the extra % of sales in cash to put back into their Pack. During the past few years the decision was made to take the boys shopping with the cash to purchase food. They love this and it gives them the opportunity to feel like they are really contributing, too. We realized (just a tad late) that Chase had some money to use since he opted out of prizes, too. So back in he went and out he came with some additional cans.....In total Chase collected 366 lbs of food!
The overall goal this year was set at 17,500 lbs however Ronnie felt getting 16,000 which was just a little bit higher than last year would be a huge accomplishment. After all was unloaded and weighed, the Jefferson County Mannahoac District contribution to this year's goal was Drum Roll please........14,308! YES!! Now, keep in mind we are still awaiting totals from six units in Clark County which are also a part of Mannahoac but this is the most we have ever done and it looks like we will probably hit the original stretch goal of 17,500 lbs! Way to Go!

Take a look at the scene inside Jefferson County Ministries..amazing, huh?

Chase spent the whole time back in the back, unloading the carts with bag upon bag of canned goods. For those of you that know him, he has been known to straighten shelves in Wal-mart, grocery stores and any shop that might have their precious goods out of order. At one point we even questioned whether he had OCD because everywhere we went he wanted to straighten everything from toilet paper to canned goods. So guess what!? This morning Chase is in his glory! He went to Community Ministries and is helping unpack, check dates and stock the shelves. He got right out of bed, ate breakfast and was ready to go! I'm sure I'll have a follow-up story but for now, that's that, ha! Thanks to everyone in our County!

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  1. Congrats on all the food collected! We got a paper on our door yesterday about the boy scouts collecting food. I will make sure I get mine together for them.