Just in....

Cierra and Butch have been very busy lately buying and breeding goats. I have lost count as to how many they actually have but they have been watching 'momma' really close (even checking every hour) because she is ready to have babies. They are betting whether she is having twins or triplets because she is sooo big.

After church, Grandma called to let Cierra know that the babies (yes plural) have arrived! They are so sweet but guess what!? It wasn't 'momma' that gave birth, lol. It was Bitsy! They thought she was pregnant but didn't think she was quite ready - well they were obviously wrong.
These two are so cute - Cierra's thinking of names now but wants their names to have something to do with Thanksgiving. She is throwing around Cranberry and Stuffing but I'll have to let you know once that is confirmed :)

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  1. Baby goats are so cute! I love the way they prounce when they run. I love the names Cranberry and stuffing!