HO HO HO!! Day 2 - Blogging for Scrapbookers -

We celebrated Brittany's 21st birthday by going to dinner at Red Lobster. (I love it when we're all around the table, whether at home or out.) Of course Kayden was a hit (as usual) and a family sitting close to us commented on how beautiful she is. Once we started talking, the man knew alot about our area as they are friends with one of our neighbors. He also went on to tell us he is 'Santa' at the Apple Blossom Mall. How cool?! It was ironic that Kayden was dressed in red that night and we actually joked about that earlier in the evening. Of course I did what I always do and pulled out my camera asking if we could take pictures. He was game and Kayden loved him, ha! Now, hopefully she will still like Santa next month!

I was trying to keep this a secret but it is sooo hard and my girls all said I wouldn't be able to. So here you have it - my scrapbook page for today's lesson.

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  1. I'm surprised she didn't throw a fit! I like your scrapbook page!