Day Five - Blogging for Scrapbookers

I am trying to catch up with my 'class homework' but it's been a little busy around here, (to say the least). Friday's assignment was about sharing our decorating ideas or that favorite spot in our house. Let me start of by saying that I don't spend (and haven't spent) a lot of time decorating our house. Our house is nothing fancy and we like to refer to it as 'lived in'. I do like to keep everything organized and in order, but sometimes even that doesn't happen.

We moved into our home nearly 14 years ago and since then have added on to nearly double the size. Our house is always the 'gathering place' and popular for monthly dinners, family celebrations and even hosting those Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple parties every so often. A lot of time is spent in our kitchen which prior to our addition, was really small. We opened up the kitchen and added a breakfast nook with windows to the world. I love it!! My husband has always been funny about not having curtains but I have convinced him (not usually so) that it is perfect without window coverings and lets us enjoy the country setting.

I guess from all this you can figure out that one of my favorite places is our breakfast nook....I spend lots of time at this table and most evenings you can find my laptop on the table while I'm cooking dinner. Gotta love the ability to 'multi-task'!


  1. What a gorgeous sunny room! I can just imagine sitting there with my coffee in the mornings to check my Emails :) Wonderful!!!

    Hello from a classmate in Shimelles class ;)

  2. Your blog LO is fantastic I love the content and I can't tear myself away as I love your music selection. Thank you