Day Four - Blogging for Scrapbookers

Having trouble finding something to blog about?! Not usually my problem because there is always something going on around here but I'm sure it's possible. I always look for subjects/events that you will be interested in but here's one that may just be for me.....

As we plan for our weekend 'road trip' for the baseball playoffs, Bingo comes to mind. Why, you ask? Well it's a different kind of BINGO that Ronnie was introduced to by one of his ball players. Here's how it goes. Whenever you see a yellow car, you are supposed to say "BINGO". You know, there really aren't that many yellow cars, ha! It does get pretty competitive and you know Ronnie is all about being competitive so he changed it up a bit...when you see a yellow car, you yell BINGO but the first would be B, second I and so on. The first one to actually get BINGO is the winner!

Try it the next time you are on the road and have kids that get bored (or even adults)!

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  1. I've never really thought about it but I guess there aren't that many yellow cars. Thanks for the idea.