Kick-off for the Holidays!!

Thanksgiving is a special time for us. Typically the official dinner is at our home and we love it!! Our dinner has even been known to expand to those that don't have family close by. It is just the best. My Mom, sister and I typically prepare food then gather mid to late afternoon for the feast. After dinner it's always 'picture time' then we dig into those sale papers brought along by my sister. I still remember the year we planned and plotted how we would get those Cabbage Patch dolls! oh my....

One tradition that seems to stick is the turkey fryer. This will be our 5th year frying the turkey. It is pretty interesting and Ronnie tends to try different techniques. While the turkey is frying, he and anyone else that wants to join sits around the fryer and enjoys a cold beverage ;)

Wonder what this Thanksgiving will bring?!


  1. Can't wait for thanksgiving! For a minute there, I thought all those utensils were sticking out of the turkey! :)

  2. LOL at first glance I thought they were in the turkey too! But I looked again and realized they were definetly not in the turkey. :)
    It sounds like Thanksgiving is a fun day for ya'll. :)
    Have a blessed holiday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That fried turkey looks pretty amazing!