Day Three - Blogging for Scrapbookers

Oh my - today's assignment is to highlight five of my favorite things (right now). Wow, I have so many "favorites" that I have been called HIGH MAINTENANCE, ha!

Here's one ....I love flipflops and hate to put them away. I wear them as long as possible, well into November most of the time. It's funny because there was a lady at church that commented on my flipflops last year but I was sure to let her know that God really doesn't care what's on my feet :)

LOVE IT! Yes, I am a believer! Once you go MAC, you never go back. There are a lot of differences that you must adjust to but I am way over that and can't imagine life (or blogging) without it.
So convenient....yes, this was certainly a great investment. My husband called me one day and asked if I knew about the Sony Bookreader. A co-worker of his had it and he just knew I would want one...he was sooo right! The very next day Mendie and I found them (yes, she drove 30 miles at lunch) and we were downloading books within 24 hours. Am I spoiled, absolutely! (thanks Joyce!)
With this new class I have been able to unwrap some of my new Cricut cartridges. This machine has been used for many things over the past year (banner for the Cub Scouts, scarves for Sunday School, posters, signs; endless possibilities!) I still want to adventure into the vinyl letters for Kayden's wall but haven't accomplished that. Gotta work on that list :)
Last but not least, I mentioned in one of my past posts that I love browsing through Paula Deen's magazines (thanks to my sister). With the holidays right around the corner, this one has some really great ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner, gifts and Christmas cookies....yum!
I want to wrap up by sharing with you my bff's blog. ! She started Favorite Things Friday months ago (she's high maintenance too). We alternate between her carnival and Kelly's Korner.
I hope this tells you a little bit about me and a few of my favorite things. See ya tomorrow!


  1. It's soooo true! I got my mac in august and I will never, ever, ever go back! Nice post :-)

  2. these are all great things!


  3. Sooooo love my Mac...and my iphone.....I'm definitely an Apple girl :) You're right - you can NEVER go back ;)