Crystal Grottoes

Today Chase had a field trip. Typically I don't go however there was absolutely NO question with this one since they were going into 'caverns' and I am soo claustrophobic.

While I stayed home and worked, Ronnie went along with the WMS 6th grade class. This was right up his alley as this was civil war related. He quickly came to know the bus driver, Mr. Harbaugh who was a civil war buff since age 6 when his parents drove him across Burnside Bridge in 1962. Back then this bridge was accessible by a paved road however since then it has been restored by the National Park Service. Without Mr. Harbaugh the field trip would have been 'just another field trip'. The students even chipped in and bought him a cup of coffee :)

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  1. I think that would of been an exciting field trip! I would of loved to go into the caverns.