Show Us Your Life - Christmas Traditions!

Christmas has always been a very special time for our family. From a very young age my parents have always made it a time of excitement and adventure but they never let us forget what it is really all about.

Traditionally we go to church on Christmas Eve then have dinner with family. Last year with the excitement of our new grandchild 'on her way', we decided to change it up a bit and have Christmas Eve dinner at home. It worked out really nice and allowed the kids to get everything ready (cookies and milk, notes to Santa then read "Twas the Night Before Christmas") before heading to bed. The kids always get to open one present on Christmas eve which is one of their favorite things.

One of the joys I also love about the season is the annual Christmas program at Church. Last year it was really special because we used live animals and presented a slideshow as Cierra narrated the birth of baby Jesus. This year the theme is really cute, too! Cierra and Chase love to participate in that.

Then there's the Christmas parade! Last year it was really, really cold....Chase and Ronnie are usually with the Cub Scouts while Cierra and I are with the 4H group but once again, this year just might be different (you'll have to wait and see:)

Baking cookies is also one of the traditions that seems to get harder and harder as everyone is so busy but this year we have planned a 'baking Saturday' for all of us to get together and bring recipes to share then just bake all day! (Ronnie has also agreed to get a 2nd oven up and running, yay!)

Every Christmas morning after gifts are opened at home, we head 'over the creek and through the woods' to Grandma and Butch's home and literally, let the fun begin! Breakfast is then served then we head back over the bridge. While the kids are playing with their new stuff, we usually sort and organize then sneak in a nap.

In years past we have always joined in the 'after Christmas' madness! Never know what you're gonna find, right?!

This year is going to be different for a couple reasons - first it will be Kayden's 1st Christmas!! and, she's at such a great age! Just think of all the toys she'll get. This will also be Britt's first Christmas in her new home. Wow, things sure do change quick, don't they?! One other good thing is that Mom is healthy this year. Last year just before Christmas she fell and broke her hip. That changed not only the activities of Christmas but put it all into perspective for our family. So, we're really hoping everyone is healthy this year!

We also started another tradition last year. I have a great group of people that work with/for me so we thought it would be fun to have an annual holiday party. We were successful (however it was actually after the holidays) and have this year's planning underway (and I think there might even be some new faces there, too)....
So, HAPPY HOLIDAYS all my blogger friends!

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