Worth the wait!

Twilight's next saga was released tonight at midnight so a few months ago I purchased our tickets on-line. I was soooo excited and couldn't wait but now I totally feel like it was worth the wait.

The kids went to Grandma and Butch's while we headed to Winchester. Britt and Brandon went to Frederick as the original plan included J and Ash but since Kayden is not feeling the greatest they decided to stay home. We went to Olive Garden for dinner (drank lots of iced tea) and were entertained (to say the least) by Mark. He was pretty funny and very interesting.
After dinner we headed over to the mall where the line was already around the building.
It was still pretty early but just after 10:30 they let us in to get our seats. At that time they had sold out 4 theaters and were working on the 5th. So, we got settled in and waited for the show. By 12:30 New Moon started and it was literally action packed from beginning to end. It was the best! Sleepy? absolutely not! Tomorrow? absolutely so!

For now, it's off to bed to get about three hours of sleep then get the kids off to school. Luckily it's a Thursday night and Ronnie doesn't have to work tomorrow. And...since I travelled this week and put in some extra hours, I'm good for at least a 1/2 day tomorrow.

We had a great time and are already talking about the next one, ha!

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  1. I hope it was a lot better than the first one! My sister and my daughter's went to see it last night, but I have yet to hear anything from them about it.