Yeah - 1st place for Cierra!

This was Cierra's first year in the Jr. class for showmanship. She competed with 12 other participants and walked away with the Blue Ribbon! We are very proud of her. Working with her lamb every day certainly paid off. Way to go Cierra!

And yes, Natasha was the winner of the pageant! Natasha Dawson-Kable is Miss Jefferson County Fair. She looked very pretty in her camo dress. Ronnie and Cierra were sporting their camo as well. I agreed to wear my shirt one day this week so we're supposed to 'plan the day' LOL.
Chase and Jimmy greased the pigs and got 'em all ready for the 'greased pig contest'. Neither won although at one point Chase had the pig but evidently not enough to keep it :) It looked like a lot of fun and he stinks!! He's in the shower now planning for tomorrow.
As usual, another great day at the Jefferson County Fair!

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