Day 3 of our County Fair!

Yesterday was pretty quiet. Ronnie and I worked all day but Chase went out early afternoon. Cierra, Ronnie and I went out later for dinner then caught some of the truck pull. We finished up around 11:00 p.m. getting geared up for today's Goat Show.

Chase, Cierra and I went out around 10:30 so Chase could get Magic cleaned up.

The show was running about 2 hours behind due to the "swine show" getting a late start. Chase did a fine job during the showmanship portion. He didn't place but it was very obvious he has been working with his goat.

The 'market' portion split the goats up by weight. Chase was in a class with 4 other goats and didn't place in the top there either. He did say it was a lot better and easier than last year when he had a hog! LOL We are very proud of him!

Later this evening the bake sale was held. Cierra and Chase's club auctioned off an apple pie. It brought $700 WooHoo!! Chase and Cierra didn't help in the 'baking' but were there to support the sale.

We watched some of the demolition derby then headed to the Show Barn for some more fun. Ronnie and I along with Chase and Jimmy participated in the water balloon toss. Of course I ended up soaked! I caught it but didn't 'cradle' it like I was told :) Oh well, it was fun.

We finished up the night watching Chase and Jimmy in the three legged race. They did a really good job....they won their heat but didn't win overall. Tomorrow night is the hay bale toss but Chase has practice so we're not certain he will be able to participate
So, now showers and off to bed in preparation for tomorrow. It just doesn't seem possible that summer is 'over' and they are heading to school. Cierra is giving Chase the 'run down' on where his classes are, so cute. They will be together this year at Wildwood which is a good thing. The sad part is I don't have anyone in elementary school anymore...wow.

I hope everyone heading back to school has a wonderful 1st day!

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