What it was....

A few years ago Ronnie and I began planning this trip to the Virgin Islands uncertain if 1)everyone would want to go and 2)if it would be enough to keep everyone occupied. After some talk it was planned and we have looked forward to this for over a year....while you children may never go back and might even wish we had gone somewhere more elaborate, I hope one day you will thank us for the opportunity to see the beauty the island has. I enjoyed knowing each night as I layed my head down that you were safe. I love each one of you and do want to say "thank you" for spending this week with me. I will cherish this trip to St. John forever. And now I have to turn you back out into the world and trust God to watch over you. Here's what the trip was to me....

It wasn't a Ritz Carlton with neon lights.
There was no limo waiting with champagne on ice.
It wasn't Ocean City with carnival rides and boardwalk stores.
There was no red carpet rolled out upon our arrival.
It wasn't a Carnival cruise with stops in the Bahamas.
It wasn't home to the world's largest mall.
It wasn't late night clubs with today's hottest bands.

But it was -
finding a lime tree right outside our door
seeing a really cool inch worm crawling up the entrance gate
eating at Woody's hoping to run into Kenny Chesney!
waking up to 100 mosquito bites (and mixing up our own repelent)
a house on the the highest mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Carribbean Sea
traveling roads in and out of the town with hairpin turns and steep hills
watching a hermit crab crawl by the pool
looking for the 'town goat' each time we passed by
dinners at dark with all the kids around the table
grilling on the back deck as we watched the moon become 'full' over the bay
using binoculars to see if people had fallen overboard on a boat down below
trying to figure out how to get to some of the beaches by car
being able to leave the doors open wide without being asked if "we live in a barn"
about everyone jumping when a 'rodent' came in at night LOL
seeing how many different lizards/geckos we could find
finding our house from the road all the way at the top!
closing all the blinds (shew) before we leave the house
swimming in the pool just 6' from the door whenever we wanted
watching a water truck back all the way down the neighbors drive
writing STELLAN in the sand all the way from St. John
not getting on the 6:30 arrival Ferry because we didn't have a ticket
not getting on the 10:30 return Ferry because we had the wrong ticket
picking up fresh fish at the Fish Trap for dinner
laying in the hammock 'just because', whenever we wanted
stalking a yacht we thought was Kenny's
waking up to Kayden 'talking' every morning
drinking from a coconut for the first time
crystal blue water and soft white sand
a view from our windows that was breath taking
a whole new meaning of Kenny's island songs for the kids
buying hook bracelets at the jewelry store where the ferries come to shore
figuring out that baby shampoo is the trick for keeping our goggles from fogging up
a $13.95 frozen pizza that we all shared
a $23.99 case of Dasani water and we didn't waste a bottle :-)
Cruzan Rum shots as soon as we landed in St. Thomas
Cierra trying to teach J Sudoku
evening UNO games
finding a scorpion that Ashley smashed with her luggage the day that we arrived
toasting a great vacation at the Chantilly Lonestar
seeing sea life bursting in color
swimming with sea turtles just like "squirt"
spending quality time together as a family and I wouldn't change a thing!

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