Wednesday's Walk.....

down memory lane -

Each summer when we spend time at the beach, the ice cream truck is a hit. All of us love to hear the bell ringing as we lay on the beach. We hurry and gather up the hidden money then run through the hot sand to the street and place our order. If we happen to miss it during the day, chances are the truck will be coming through our development. Through the years we have seen all of our kids experience this excitement.
As I was going through pictures I stumbled across this one....

Cierra has always looked out for Chase but this was totally unprompted. I love it!

So of course last year when they were once again waiting for the ice cream truck I had to quickly snap an updated version. They have grown up right before our eyes.

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  1. Hey Bev~
    Where do you live?I hope you are in Va cuz it would be nice to find a blogger from my state at least!Love your blog so far and I'm a huge Kenny Chesney fan myself. I was actually in Dick's Sporting Goods in Va. Beach with him one day. He bought some athletic shorts and actually paid for them himself. I thought he would have David -his tour manager/friend from high school pay for them-who was actually with him.I chose not to bother him to get an autograph but wish I had. I understand he likes his privacy so figured I should let him b and he put on a heck of a show that night.The show was supposed to be the night before but was cancelled due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Bonnie:(