Wednesday evening at the fair...

For those of you that don't know, Ronnie makes this sound like a police siren and does so in the most opportune situations. He has people that stop in their tracks, looking for the police car LOL! So, if it were possible to attach that sound to my blog I would....just for this story:

Cierra and I went to feed the animals this evening while Ronnie and Chase were at practice and immediately she noticed that her blue ribbon for Showmanship was gone. She was both sad and mad :( We looked around to see if it happened to fall down but no luck there. Knowing Ronnie would be really upset, we told him on the way there. Of course, he was furious....so where do we go but to the Fair Office :) We have been told that they will give her another one to replace the one that Ronnie just knows was taken down by some annoying kid.
Well - after some searching and talking with fellow lambers we heard that it was really windy today for some reason and several of the signs were out in the front lot. So...more than likely it blew away. Imagine that :)

Looks like Magic and Poundcake are all ready for the sale. They were numbered today -

We then headed to the Show Barn to watch the Jr. Pie eating contest. Oh my...I couldn't watch much and don't know how these kids didn't puke....

Then over the hill to Figure Eight Demolition Derby. We caught the final heat - they are always fun to watch.
Next up the turtle race. Ronnie and I raced earlier in the week and mine won. Tonight neither he nor Cierra won but they had fun.
Now, off to bed again. Why do I think tomorrow morning is going to be harder than today?! They will be ready for the weekend, that's for sure.

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