Another day.....thank goodness it IS in paradise!

A breeze is blowing, sun shining and the view is awesome. So, maybe yesterday was just a bad dream?! NOT! but how could anyone be mad at me for this?!

The view from the front...

The view from the back...

Soft Winds is a perfect name, there is always a nice breeze blowing through. We can open 10' sliding glass doors on the front and back to let the breeze blow through.

So, Ronnie and I got up early (we didn't beat Ashley and Kayden though) and headed to the Starfish Market. The roads seemed alot better since it wasn't dark and we could see where we were going. Still, pretty steep roads and some of them aren't even paved.
We picked up the things we needed and honestly I was wondering if J would be packed up and ready to go home by the time we got back. What a pleasant surprise....everyone was happy and excited about where we are and the awesome view of the 'blue' water. Shew....now I'm feeling better.

We head to the Westin to show them the iguanas..(of course I wanted to see if Kenny Chesney's dinghy was there, too).

Then we headed to Trunk Bay - this is the best place for 1st time snorkelers. There is an underwater trail with markers which explain the preservation of the coral. Chase is just a natural. I could shoot myself for not sticking with using his middle name "Bay". He was in the water for hours just swimming down checking out all the fish. More pictures will be coming, the camera is ready for today :-)

Everyone had a great time however Ronnie's mask was leaking a little from his mustache so he is 'clean shaven' today, LOL!! The kids are giving him a really tough time.

J wanted to fix dinner so we stopped by the Fish Trap to get fresh fish; flounder, mahi mahi and red snapper. It was all fantastic! He is a pretty good cook.

Kayden had her first bath in a sink! The house has three bathrooms but no tubs, only showers. She didn't seem to mind.

Some swam while others enjoyed 'cocktails' watching the sun set, then off to bed.

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