Show us your life - Baby Shower ideas

Shew...this one was a little more difficult than the past weeks for a few reasons. One, my children are older and my friends children are about the same age so our showers were a long time ago! And two, I am not very creative and tend to use other's ideas. (why reinvent the wheel, right?!)

I did help coordinate my granddaughter's baby shower last year. PLEASE keep in mind that it does not compare to Kelly's LOL!! So I will share what we did. To start, I had never heard of a diaper cake - Ashley's sister put that together and it was really cute...

I'm not a fan of games but we all know you can't have a baby shower without games, right?! So we played a couple. One was a list of the new baby's features and whether we thought the Mommy would want the newborn to have her features or the Daddy's. That was pretty fun.

I don't bake/decorate cakes either so opted for one being made and provided the insert from her bedding so the cake could look like her quilt. It turned out cute.

But best of all, we had four generations there! (five if you count the baby in the belly)


  1. THAT cake is SOOOOOOO cute!!!!!
    (and I HATE shower games too!!!!)

  2. Love that quilt cake!! And how special to have all 5 generations at the party :)