Our last full day here...

what to do? It was the typical morning here at Soft Winds. J, Ash, Britt, Cierra and Kayden went into town to pick up some last minute souveniers and take a look around the town. Kayden got to ride in her new 'front' pack. She liked it! She loves to look at books so she even got some fish books while on the island. They had lunch at the Westin then headed back home.

Ronnie, Chase and I did our 'normal thing' and went snorkeling. Chase wanted to go back to Trunk Bay. He says it's his favorite. Lots of beautiful fish and I even came 'nearly' face to face with a barracuda! Way too close for comfort :)

We headed home then rode into town. We decided to let the kids experience a ride in the taxi. The first year we came here that was a means of travel. They thought it was pretty cool and we even got to ride in the "Trunk Bay" painted taxi.

Dinner in again; Chase was our cook tonight. We threw together whatever was left in the refrigerator but his chicken was fabulous!

Another game of UNO going on then off to bed for everyone cuz we gotta head out around 10 in the morning.

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