News Flash!!! - Yes, I STALK!

Ok, most of you already know that one of the main reasons I love to come to the islands is because of Kenny Chesney. This is where he lives 'his other life' and is known by most if not all of the locals. He comes down here when he has a break but the past two times we have been here the timing hasn't worked with his schedule. We go to all the restaurants and bars he likes and sings about and I've even been in the one and only bathroom in the "Quiet Mon" thinking "gosh, Kenny stood in here too!! I know, pathetic!

But today, we decided to go to Cinnamon Bay where he sings about watching boats sail in and out of Cinnamon Bay. Once there, Ronnie spotted a yacht and had noticed while at the Westin that his dinghy was no longer at Great Cruz Bay. I zoomed in as far as I could and it seemed very likely it was his boat because his dinghy is bigger than the average (go figure) and this one had the middle console!! YIPPEE!! I knew before I left that based on his schedule there was a "possibility'' that he could come down. But, just to double check, I called Mendie and she said YES, he has a break in between Seattle and somewhere this Saturday. I was trying to put my floaties on my arm and swim across but thought maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea. I walked as far as I could and yelled but he couldn't hear (j/k). I even thought about taking Kayden out there and act like I needed help but nothing seemed to work out for me. While I was 'thinking' a sailboat came in. The dinghy I was watching moved over to the sail boat, hooked up and went sailing! MAN, I was soooo close :-)

Britt, J, Ash and Kayden stopped in at Woody's for lunch and it sounds like the owner and Kenny have sailed over to St. Thomas for the night. So, looks like I need to start stalking better since he is somewhere between here and St. Thomas. Stay tuned but I will tell you that if I do get the chance to see him it will be all over this BLOG!

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