Good to go...

Good news! Both the lamb and goat were 'graded' and are ready for the Livestock Sale on Friday night at 7:00 p.m.! That was a relief.

Tomorrow is all planned out - Cierra shows her lamb at 5:00 then Chase is in the 'greased pig' contest at 8:30. He and Jimmy have already signed up to grease the pigs. Last year they did that and had a blast.

Cierra practiced getting her lamb ready for showing tomorrow. She looks pretty good.

Natasha Dawson is in the pageant tomorrow night styling in a Mossy Oak camoflauge dress (great isn't it?) so we ran to Wal-mart to find some camo attire to wear in support of her participation. It would be great for her to win - Good Luck Natasha! Jimmy and Chase stayed at the fair and are now getting showers and heading to bed. They have big plans for tomorrow...

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