Starfish, Sea Turtles, Sting Ray and more..

Check out our visitor waiting for us by the pool this morning..
After breakfast this morning the kids swam for a while then we headed into town for some shopping. Britt, Cierra, Chase and Kayden all got 'hook' bracelets. Cierra got the "J" for St. John, Brittany got a heart, Chase got a fish hook (like Ronnie's) and Kayden got the anti-hurricane, we shopped for some fresh nutmeg and looked around the town.
Everyone got to taste fresh coconut juice.
It definitely isn't as sweet as you would think....Chase did love these little round fruits that hang on the palm tree. Not sure what they are but a cross between an orange and peach.

We had lunch at Woody's where Kenny is known to hang out but he wasn't there.
So, we headed to Maho bay for some snorkeling. Kayden sat in the sand for her first time today. She seemed to like it.....

At first there wasn't much there however after an hour or so all the action began. Chase yelled SHARK which caught everyone's attention. At one point he saw what we think was a barracuda and came out of the water like a wild man. We were cracking up because he was running up the beach with his fins on which we all know is really hard to do.
While we were all standing in about 2 feet of water, turtles began swimming near us. Ronnie, J and Chase ran to grab camera and their gear before heading back into the water. I could see they found turtles so headed that way. As I was walking down, I could see a sting ray coming toward me. I stood still while it 'circled', yes circled then headed to where Brittany was. It was beautiful.

We had dinner at home tonight and everyone is just chillin' out right now. Our biggest challenge tonight is figuring out where we are heading tomorrow. Life's not too bad for us, huh?

I hope you enjoy the pictures! The turtles are my favorite...

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