Day One of our adventure...

The alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. so 'rise and shine', we have a plane to catch! I didn't have to call anyone twice. I think excitement was in the air. Our shuttle was supposed to take us to the airport at 5:30 a.m. however at 5:02 a.m. our phone rang and the front desk was asking where we were. Uh oh...first problem; mix up with the front desk and me (luckily Ronnie and Cierra both heard me repeat 5:30) but oh well, we gathered everything up and got down there as soon as we could. Because of our 'large' party, we had to split up so Britt and Cierra went with me and an older couple heading to China that wanted to talk our ears off LOL. Regardless, we all arrived at the airport on time, checked our 11 bags and headed to the gate. It was too early for breakfast at the hotel and there was nothing on the way to our gate so we didn't get breakfast. Oh well, only an hour flight; we can wait that long, right?! We had a 7:00 flight however they didn't start loading the normal 1/2 hour before take off....second problem. The plane was having computer problems so we didn't board until around 7:20. Once on the plan, we taxied out then sat. Because of the traffic, we were being held in line to take off and wouldn't go until around 8:00 p.m. (remember, some of us are starting to get hungry). We take off and land perfectly! Shew, one leg down. We get into Charlotte and everyone gets food. Those first timers were good with the flight and no problems.
Now, we're ready to head to St. Thomas. Good flight, everyone got a good nap now we're in St. Thomas. Of course we were greeted with shots of Cruzan. Yeah! It's hot!! I was supposed to call the car rental place for them to come pick up J and me so we could get the cars and come back. The phone was busy, busy, busy. Uh oh. A luggage attendant tried to help find a different number but no luck. Finally I get through, they're on their way. Be there in 15 minutes. A half hour later, no sign of them. You got it...I called back - someone is on their way. Ok, Jeeps rented; back to the airport to pick everyone up and now let's head to the Ferry; last one leaves at 6:30 p.m. Great, we're there by 5:00!! Woo hoo, time to spare. Hmmm not so much so when two ferries come and go without us. Seems the 'locals' and ticket holders get priority treatment. Yup, you guessed it - Ronnie loses patience and approaches a Ferry attendant. Oops, didn't know he was Port Authority and carried a 9 millimeter glock. He tells us to be patient we will get on the next one at 6:30. None came at 6:30 but the 7:00 arrives. Oh no...we are once again shuffled so that 6 cars are left without a ride to the island (four tourist and 2 local workers). Now what?! Well, I was almost in tears - everyone was frustrated and my 'wonderful' idea for a family vacation suddenly seemed like a horrible adventure. The Port Authority guy now has his police uniform on - I ask "how do we get across, what could we have done differently"? I also explained that we have a hungry baby with no water for formula and the grocery stores close at 9:00 on St. John. Long story short, he ends up taking Ronnie to the store across the street to get groceries. Oh my....suddenly he went from throwing him in jail to grocery shopping with him. Go figure.
A ferry did finally come back to get us at around 9:00 and we were informed not to 'have an attiude' or they would leave us there! Ok, let's just be thankful they came back. We had been back and forth all day with the rental lady. God bless her because she went to the store for us and got somethings to hold us until 7:30 the next morning when the stores open back up. Shew....

So, we arrive at the house after a dangerous, scarey ride up the cliff/mountain. The house is beautiful but there's some serious damage control with the kids! Cereal and sandwiches are dinner then off to bed, praying this was just a fluke.

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