Horses, Cows and Sirens - oh my....

Thursday night at the fair - we started our evening off by catching up with the Lilly family to watch Brian in the lawn tractor pull. He did a great job! It was a lot of fun watching the lawn mowers pull. I'm not qite sure how he finished since we left before it was over (and Mom said it would be a longggg night).
Of course we are always glad to see Amanda - today was her first day of school.
We headed over to the horse pull. That is one of my favorites. I love watching the huge horses pull the sled. This year they moved it back up by the stage on the grassy area so it seemed to be easier for the horses to pull. They are beautiful and massive!

Next up was the Tuff Truck competition. We watched the four wheel drives first then Lyle Campbell was a participant in the 2 wheel drive. He drove an old police car - very cool!

We finished up the night with dinner in the Show Barn. We purchased plots for the Cow Chip Bingo and awaited the cow to 'plop' her poop in one of the squares for $1000. As expected, we didn't win but it was still fun to watch and wait.
Made our way over to get ice cream then were just hanging out waiting for Cierra and Chase when the sirens started. Wow - sirens from everywhere. Dad, Mom, J, Ash, Kayden, Britt and Brandon were nearby and we could tell Dad was on his phone. Oh no - a car had crashed into the 'school house' apartment building in Leetown. Yup, took out the power pole, mailboxes, fence, and front of the school house.

Now, this was all because he was being chased. Do you think just maybe it could have been avoided? Wouldn't it make more sense to just get the tag and set up a road block or something other than inconveniencing people who now have no electric, Allegheny Power who will have to spend at least the next 12-24 hours fixing the power, Frontier and Comcast who will have to fix their wires and last but not least Dad and Ronnie who will have to clean up the mess?! Really, was this all necessary? We are just thankful that no one was hurt inside the apartment building.

In case you're interested in how the driver is, he did survive but was flown out. (and yes, they landed the helicopter at the Fish Hatchery)

Now, I'm off to tuck the kids in. Livestock sale tomorrow....

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