Its been a fun ride....

You will recall back in March we had our Pack 95 Annual Blue & Gold Banquet at which time Ronnie 'stepped down' from being the Cubmaster. At that time we agreed to continue through the summer with the actual hand off of the baton being in September. Today was our last 'organized' activity so Ronnie was recognized for his contributions to the Pack over the past three years. They gave him a planner and pen with his name on it as well as a framed poem that cover everything from our recycling efforts to Christmas parades and Pine Wood Derbies. They couldn't leave me out (LOL) so i can now throw my bookmark that I'm currently using away (pathetic but it's the stub from our latest flight) since they gave me a beautiful bookmark with a cross at the top and my name down the center. I love it!

We so appreciate their thoughtfulness and know they will certainly survive without us. We have agreed to assist in any capacity they need, all they have to do is ask!

Thanks Denise, Darryll, Terra & Mike!

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