Thursday's thoughts -

Some days I realize how blessed I truly am - when I look back over all of my postings, most reference happy times, fond memories and joyful adventures. Today however my heart is heavy with concern for a dear friend from work. While he hasn't been sick, routine tests reflected Greg has lung cancer. Wow. When I got the call yesterday morning I knew right away it wasn't going to be good news. He had been out of the office all last week due to the 'possibility'' of TB. Little did we know that those tests would ultimately result in the 'silent disease' being found. At this point we don't know everything but the next week will be filled with additional testing and dr. appointments to determine next steps. I have had the pleasure of working with Greg for the past 18 years (he's been there 40!!!) and wouldn't trade anything for those days!

Please add Greg to your prayer list as we all know those are the best hands anyone can be in. Someone once said "Faith does not deny the evil but it sees around it".

I found this picture of Greg during 'happier' times.

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