Part 2 - The 'check-in'....

I was pretty excited when I figured out we were going to Cumberland but when I found out where we were staying, I was super excited!!

I have always wanted to stay in Cinderella's castle but of course, that just won't happen. But, on Friday I actually got to be a princess for the day and we stayed in a real castle! Woohoo!

It was in a little town called Mt. Savage -

And believe it or not, back in the day this little town was the 3rd larges city in Maryland. Whew! Sure doesn't look like it now.

So here we go - Welcome to The Castle!

The entrance - which is actually the original carriage house.

And there it is....

Beautiful!  It was built by a gentleman named Ramsey in 1840.  He had a brick business until the depression. This is a picture of him and his wife -

We actually stayed in the Ramsey Room =)

Sherry anyone?!

And here's a tour of the rest of the house.  Love, LOVE this place!

And every castle has to have a cat, right?!  OR....catS?!

The oldest one is Gigi, LOL  - I caught her sleeping on one of the beds (hehe)

and these two evidently showed up about 6 months ago.  So pretty....

And I will wrap up today's post with just a few things that caught my eye -

This was an article in the Library that spoke about the renovation.  Very interesting.

This is a collage of bricks made by Mr. Ramsey - this was actually the ceiling, ha!

And we aren't sure what this is but Ronnie said it looked like coral and I said it looked like a brain, lol.  So....who really knows but it's definitely a conversation piece.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow.  I will feature our 'Friday at Five' dinner.

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  1. Bev, absolutely beautiful. It was great to meet you and Ronnie. Judi's cousin Jack