Music makes the heart happy -

Today is World Music Day!

Over the past few years Ronnie and I have met many musicians.  Many talented musicians.  A few we now call our friends.

This guy happens to be one that is almost like family - click HERE for more info on Ken =)

he even spent the evening with us and helped celebrate Ronnie's birthday.  He played into the night.....

And actually slept under the 'pink' fan, lol.  (don't tell him I shared that he slept in the girly room)

He has one album (yes, I am old school) out but another being released real soon.  I keep asking (and driving him nuts) but we just can't wait.  Ronnie even spent some time in his car a few weeks ago in the wee hours of the morning listening to one of the final tracks.  Woo hoo!

So not only is it Saturday but it's World Music Day - get out to one of the wineries or someplace fun and enjoy some music today.  It really is good for the soul.

And today's blessing?!  I love being able to enjoy wonderful, local music every single week and it's FREE!

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