Piece by piece....

It's been a busy couple of days so I'm going to write a couple different posts -  first...kinda fitting since it's almost Sunday, lol - but every time we come through Cumberland Ronnie and I or the kids and I always talk about all the steeples.  The joke is between liquor stores, bars and churches, not sure what there is the most of, ha!

Tonight we walked around and took numerous pictures.  I'm pretty sure I didn't take pictures with no camera card but....for some reason I had no pictures.  So - we drove around the second time (hehe).

Such pretty churches -

And this house won the "bring beauty to Cumberland" -

Here's the courthouse -

And then we just had to try to get to the 'yard' where Ronnie and Dad, many...many....years ago saw the steam engine that takes the train up and down the trail from Cumberland to Frostburg daily.....Nope, we didn't find it but I did sneak in some pics, lol!

I even found a little souvenir along the tracks, hehe.  AND.....I can't help but think about my Dad.  he LOVED trains and everything about them.

More to come about our Anniversary weekend -

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