Our Anniversary Weekend - Part 1

Shew - I have lots to share but will try to go in order =)

This anniversary was a little different because Ronnie was in charge of planning and he was determined it was to be a surprise (hehe).  In years past, I have always done the planning, just informing him where he had to be and when he had to be there.  And, for the past 12 years we have gone someplace on our anniversary.  Maybe only a few hours away or maybe a plane ride but we have continued to celebrate in a special way.

Our anniversary actually started Thursday night around 11:30 when Chase and Cierra came into our room with a balloon, card and flowers.  We just happened to be going through old pictures so there were many laughs.  Little did we know that some of those would end up on their FB and Instagram posts.  OMG!  Anyway, they certainly kicked it off for us -

And then it was our day -  We packed and were on our way mid morning.  Our first stop was Betty's in Shepherdstown for some breakfast.  Once on our way, I began asking.  Nope....he wouldn't tell, it was required that I guess.

Within the first 1/2 hour to 45 minutes I had guessed it, based on the route we were traveling.

We were headed to Cumberland!   Yay me!

I had watched a documentary about the town and the train ride,  and the many things to see in this town a few months ago.  Ronnie being the 'attentive' husband remembered and planned.  And planned.  And planned.  And here we are -

We couldn't check in until 3 so we had some lunch -

We checked out the Harley dealer -

Ummmm Not really impressed.  We were expecting to see a cool logo with a train or something representing Cumberland but Nope....Nothing.

We even hit a huge shoe warehouse and the only thing interesting here was this -

I'm thinking this man is pretty lucky.  Lots of Dice on his car.  EVERYWHERE.  And his backseat "protector" was pretty nice, too.  I know....I am mean but it was pretty entertaining!

We did find a Wells Fargo -

And my own little shop with reduced hours - I want that job =)

This Gigi even likes bikers, haha!

Yep, Cumberland is a pretty quaint town.  I definitely like!

And now....it's time to check in and I'm pretty excited.....

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