Exciting times....

On Friday afternoon Ronnie and I took Cierra to her college orientation.

Well......we had an extra student =)

She has chosen to attend Blue Ridge Community/Technical College for her first two years, transferring more than likely to Shepherd after that.

As of now, she wants to pursue a degree in Elementary Education which is SO fitting for her.  

We were very impressed and excited for her as we toured the school and were greeted by many positive, friendly folks.  This instructor was very helpful as he explained the '2+2' program -

The classrooms were awesome -

class sizes with an average of 15 students....very nice!

And she is officially a student -

School doesn't start until August but she was sure to take plenty of notes to do everything she needs on time......Kayden even took some notes.....so cute!  

Yep, hard to believe but she is now ready to start the next chapter.  Woo hoo!

So my thought for today?!  We are very lucky to have this 'spin off' of Shepherd community college that provides an excellent program for Cierra.  Makes me want to go for my Associates Degree, ha!

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