So Cal....

an all new meaning.  =)

How many of you have been in the Holister store?  Not only does the strong smell of cologne and the loud music make a lasting impression but also the live cam of Huntington Beach makes you just want to be there.

Woohoo!  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit one of our vendors in Orange County.  Now keep in mind that I typically travel to Des Moines, Minneapolis, Ft. Mill and once to San Antonio but never to California.  Well, I did go there 28 years ago with Mom and Dad when they signed for their Denny's Franchise but I honestly don't remember much.

So......I went into Minneapolis then out.  I took my 'good' camera so kept clicking all the way there.  In an effort to not bore you, please feel free to skip this slideshow.  It's really just a lot of pictures as the terrain changed as we flew to the west.

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As we landed, of course the first sight out my window is this - Yep....there's Wells Fargo!

I checked into my hotel -

then headed to the beach -

in some ways, a beach is a beach....a fishing pier (although this one has a restaurant, ha)

 seagulls -

But this place was pretty awesome -

from the end of the pier it reminded me of St. John -

Of course I had to send this pic home to Ronnie.....when we can't enjoy sunsets together, we share =)

There's even an arcade, LOL!

Dinner here -

while watching the ferry take cars back and forth to Balboa island -

and look at all the sailboats -

All in all it was a quick trip.  Wednesday and Friday travel days with Thursday meeting and dinner.  But Santa Ana is a beautiful place.  No humidity.  Year round temps of 75-85.  Seven miles to the beach.   A few miles to work.  Not too shabby.

But the best part about the trip was Ronnie picking me up from the airport, haha.  No long walk to the car, driving home alone.  We had plans so it worked out perfect.  And this was our sunset on the ride home after our evening -

Like I said....NOT too shabby =)

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