Coal Miner's Day

Yep, that's what today is. The kids have heard this story many times but one of the events I loved while in Elementary school was to watch the coal being dumped into the basement (or wherever it went). It was a three room school with two bathrooms and a kitchen. First and second shared a room. Third and fourth. Fifth and Sixth. These classes also shared a teacher. Wow....I am really dating myself now. But coal was our source of heat.

I used to wear white knee socks and when they sagged and I pulled them up (over my knees), you could see the black lines from the coal. Today, that would be cause for a lawsuit or something, right?! LOL

Anyway, while in Charleston a few weeks ago Cierra and I stopped in the Harley Dealer and loved this shirt - The Capital, a Harley and a Coal Miner...

And today would have also been my parents 57th anniversary. It seems like just a few years ago we gathered up old memories and decorated the fairgrounds and coordinated food to celebrate their 50th with many, many of their friends and family members. It was so much finding pics like this...

Today's thought? I make every effort to enjoy and celebrate each and every day because as they say, tomorrow is not promised. I am praying for at least one more day so Ronnie and I can experience another anniversary =)

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