Dinner - Part 3

While we were downtown enjoying lunch, I spotted a sign that said "Fridays @ Five".  We didn't know what it meant until we check in and Judy shared that the downtown area has live music every Friday starting at 5 o'clock.  And those of you that know us, know we are ALL about some good, live music =)

So after we checked out the grounds -

and enjoyed a glass of Black Ankle Rolling Hills -

we headed downtown.  Geez - these people are serious.  I swear the whole town was right in the main square -

But we made our way through and found our quaint little restaurant with reservations at 9 -

We sat outside where we could still hear the music, checking out the menu -

We had already decided we wouldn't buy any wine because we just can't bring ourselves to pay a lot of money for a bottle of CA wine when we know the value you get with the local MD and VA wines.  But.....interestingly enough, Knob Hall Reve' Rouge was on the wine list!  YAY us!  AND it was half price wine night......SCORE =)

We ordered two different dishes - I honestly can't pronounce either but YUM!

We ordered a piece of chocolate cake to go and were on our way (I totally failed and didn't take a pic of the cake =()

What a perfect anniversary day, evening and dinner and just wait until you see our breakfast at The Castle......

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