Hope -

Wineries are known to get ‘bad wrap’. They are fun. There is alcohol. It’s what people do on the weekends. Ok. I get it. But, I have to tell you that over the past several years since we have been ‘hitting a few’ from time to time have met some really great people. Have found some really cool places. AND I say it all the time but EVERY winery has a story.

A few years ago on a Friday evening, we stopped by Doukenie in Hillsboro. We hadn’t been there before so wanted to do a tasting. Unfortunately they don’t do tastings on Friday night. Hmmm.. so we chose a bottle of Mandolin based on the employee’s description and it was very good.

While there, we noticed an older lady, full of spunk walking around, greeting the customers. That’s when we met Hope –

We hadn’t been back for a while but a month of so ago, went on a Friday evening (they are open til 9 yay!) and had a great time Everyone was very personable and even broke the rules by letting us taste a few =)

Two weeks ago, we went back. Todd Brooks was playing and he is AWESOME! The place was packed so we ended up inside. This caught my eye –

And ya’all know how much I love books. Books with meaning. Stories of people’s lives that I feel like I know. We bought the book and Saturday morning in between chores, I read it. Wow. This woman is awesome. Her Mom’s name is Doukenie. Her life has been full of challenges and this is somewhat of a memoir. Some of her favorite sayings, she talks about her children and her grandchildren, she talks about her husband of 52 years that died a few years ago and she talks about how she once again is playing the piano. She named her golf cart, computer and piano. Such a unique, inspiring person.

 Anyway, it was one I couldn’t put down and it just goes to show that good people open wineries. Good people keep the good coming. And, it’s not always bad to enjoy local wines, meet great people and relax for a while. Just sayin’…..

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