The hills of Cumberland -

Chase participated in the Soap Box Derby for hmmmm 4 or 5 years, winning two of the Ray Miller Memorial races which allowed him to advance to Akron, Ohio.  

Once there, it was clear that Cumberland was in the top ranks for participants and winning cars.  Now that I've been to Cumberland, I can certainly see why.  There are soooo many hills to practice on.  I'm not sure where they have their actual race because I am not certain we could find that 'perfect' hill from a grade and smooth perspective but.....they obviously did.  

Anyway, this picture was hanging in The Bruce House.  It is a really cool pic and took me back to those days.  

Chase has certainly kept us entertained through the years =)

Maybe one day Kayden, Brooklyn or Kendall will want to run.....I'm sure Poppy would be willing to help with building the car, ha!

I think this was her first SBD =)

And Kayden's Daddy even knows how to line the streets for safety, LOL!

Speaking of the Soap Box Derby - we went to see this guy today in the hospital =(

He played a key role in Chase's involvement in the sport and says he's getting better every day but definitely has a long road ahead of him.  He had a 'cart' accident at Summit Point Speedway on June 28th.  Keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Welp - that's all for now.  Check back tomorrow....

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